Asteroid2000 - The History

The Beginning (May - August 2016)

In May of 2016 i decided to work on some of the previously unfinished games, but then, on 25th of May, i felt inspired to make a game similar to Moscow 2017 (the game i made in 2015), but with a different story. This marked the birth of the "Alien Invasion" series. The first two games were finished very quickly, but before i continued to work on the third, there was a short break.
Once i came back to work on it, it took me an entire month to shit out a horrible game (but more on this in the Alien Invasion 3 article).
After being done with these games, i had no idea what to work on, and thus tired to make a space shooter called "Predator" and a Revenge of the Sunfish clone called "New Fun Game".
Both didn't go anywhere, but the latter had a level which gave me an idea for a new game... "Christmas Massacre".

The Golden Age (September - December 2016)

"Christmas Massacre" ended up taking 2 months to make, the longest time yet (Games usually took a week or two to make for me). I had great expectations for it, but poor execution led to an absolute disaster of a game.
So far i had made 2 good games and 2 not so much. What now?
Being dissapointed in my last game, i decided to concentrate on smaller games. I also realized sucks and i better move on to a site of my own.

The first version of my site, made with wix. It was never finished. Strangely, it had a "Music" page, despite me not making any at the time. Judging by the news posts, it was made on 15th of October 2016.
Next game to be made was "Junkman". I put together the first level at the start of october, then forgot about all of it completely and ended up rushing the game in the last week of the month.
Back then i thought it was great, but only because of it's graphics and half-assed atmosphere. Then i decided to test out an engine i found, and thus i made "The Room 426", my first 3D game, based on a Mr.Bean episode.
After that there weren't any games released for an entire month, for 2 reasons: updating previous games, and being sick. But i experimented with lots of stuff and had many game ideas though, you can read more on this in the "The Games that Never Came to Be" article.
On November 27th-29th i discovered Kimberly Kubus. My next 2 games were heavily influenced by his and Jinxtengu's - "Bloodbath", which i made for Ludum Dare 37 and "Bastards Fall Into The Void".

The Original 2016 version and v2.0 from 2017.
2016 came to it's end, and with it, the golden age of Asteroid2000.

The Dark Ages (2017-2019)

On December 31st i began working on a small arcade game, which i then released on the first day of 2017, "Revenge of the Chicken". It was the last decent game. From there, it all went to hell.
The endless inspiration i got from Kubus ended up all being used on tons of shitty games.
2017 was absolutely unstable. Countless design changes, link changes, games, etc. I am not going to describe it all in detail.

Remember Junkman II? Oh yeah.. fuck that game, it sucks. Albeit, the best of the worst of 2017.
The culmination was at the end of June, when i got sick of all of it and just terminated all websites i had on google sites. Instead of making games i started going to the countryside instead.
At the end of July i decided to update "Bastards Fall Into The Void", and around 8-11th of August i made a new website, under an older alias "C3K". With this site i had one goal, and it was not to repeat the previous mistakes.

"Welcome to the Asteroid" on the homepage, despite the change of alias. There was another website made when i terminated this one, but since i never shared that one, this is the last google site people saw.
Well somehow the complete opposite happened... Althrough there was a good game made too, "KLOP 3D", and i updated "Bloodbath" in october, making it a 100 better than it was before.
Anyway, i terminated this site too and decided to try again some time later.
Under the same alias i put up a new site at neocities (classic google sites claimed to be shutting down, and weren't that good anyway) somewhere in early december.

C3K on Neocities.
But as time passed, my view of things started changing again... at first, i put up all the games i removed in a single pack, but later, on december 21st, i decided to go back to what i was doing earlier this year.

And thus, with a new site again, we enter 2018, the peak of the dark ages.
Whatever the fuck that year was...
The only events of importance were in June: I remade the entire "Alien Invasion 3" in a week. In a fucking week! And this new version is 10 times better than the original.
Then i updated the first two "Alien Invasion" games for the last time, fixing a lot of stuff and making them ideal (for their time, atleast). After that, i updated "Christmas Massacre", massively improving the game and for the first time ever making it not only playable, but fair & balanced.
The Second event was that after this had happened, i killed my site. Initially i just wanted to change the design, but then i lost interest and so there was no site since july until december 2nd.
Also i updated most of my good games while there was no site, improving a lot of small things.

In early 2019 i updated my site, giving it a better design and having it as a single page with all my stuff. But then in february i shut it down again.
That's about it. In late march i realized that so much shit had gone to hell, and i better start putting things back in order, and i began by improving stuff in real life.
That really helped me out, and soon enough, by the end of april, i decided that soon i will put my website back up.
But then an unrelated accident happened and i was no longer interested in that.

The Reawakening (Now?)

Months passed, and at the end of July i decided to put an archive of my Asteroid2000 works, with the same design as my first googlesite.
And i did. Not only that, but i also began adding new content too. This is not a resurrection, but a tribute to the times of the past. So here we are...

And after all of that, let's end this article with a song that is an iconic part of the golden age.
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